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What is Parrot LPT?

Parrot LPT is simply a speaking testing and management tool for schools to achieve zero failure in language teaching.

Parrot LPT provides 3 stage solution to complement the school's teaching approach.

  • Systematic language proficiency testing (i.e. weekly)

  • 6 parameters based assessment (No Bias)

  • Timely customized feedbacks for students, instructors and parents



  • Roles based design (Question provider, question approver, proctor, examiner, rater, coordinator, auditor etc.).
  • Any type of question creations (text, audio, video and image related questions.)
  • Exam templates can have one or more categories.
  • A category can have one or more questions.
  • Computer based and face-to-face exam making.
  • Automatic rater duty creation and assignment.
  • Exam incident recording and management system.
  • Exam appealing.
  • Hiding or showing question text (valuable for some question types and audio questions).


Computer Based Exams

System support computer based exams. Exams can be in exam center or online. Proctor can monitor the exams that are in progress from admin panel.

Face-to-face Exams

Examiners make face-to-face exams. The session gets recorded. Face-to-face exams helps examiners to ask different questions to make participant talk more to show their ability and knowledge.

Role Based Design

Users are divided into roles such as Question provider, approver, rater, coordinator etc. and each role has different capabilities and access rights in the system.


Auditing feature enables auditors to inspect the system, see the reports etc. Auditors cannot make any changes.

Unlimited Exams

System allows unlimited question, category and exam template creation. By this way any kind of exams can be created to test participants.

Easy to Use

Simple and intuitive user interface design enables users to start using the system right away.


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